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Memo Exclusive: Probiotic Skincare with BeBe & Bella

Anne Moratto | September 29, 2016 | 9:26 AM
From left to right- Allison Krebs-Bensch, CEO, Rose Krebs, CFO and Linda Krebs, COO

While at Cosmoprof Las Vegas, MODERN spent time at the BeBe & Bella booth, learning about this burgeoning brand and its BeBella line of probiotic skin care. 

“BeBe & Bella was named after my two young daughters and their flawless, youthful skin,” Allison Krebs-Bensch, CEO, says. “The line BeBella comes from the merging of their two names, BeBe and Isabella, which also means to be ‘beautiful’ in Spanish.”

Along with her mother, Rose Krebs, CFO and her sister, Linda Krebs, COO, Krebs-Bensch and family have entered the world of skincare and judging by the buzz at their booth, the beauty industry has noticed.

MS:  Please share a bit about the background of the company.

AKB: BeBe & Bella emerged from our family’s pharmaceutical business, started by my father in the mid-1950s, which specializes in prescription nutritional supplements and more recently, probiotics. As the CEO of the Pharmaceutical Company, one of my roles is research and development of new and innovative products. The pharmaceutical company received reports from health care professionals, who prescribed our probiotic supplements, that their patients were not only experiencing relief of GI-related symptoms, but were also startled to see improvements of the overall appearance and health of their skin.

While creating new formulations that contain our patented probiotics, I was curious as to their attributes for other applications of use. Studies revealed that our patented probiotics strain produces nutrients, vitamins and also the eight essential amino acids necessary for vibrant and healthy skin. After this discovery, the three of us began working closely with skincare experts in Japan to create a high-quality line of probiotic skin care.

In 2013, BeBe & Bella, LLC was formed to deliver a probiotic skin care system that combines oral and topical treatments. By naturally enhancing the skins own resources, the BeBella probiotic skin care line offers a one-two punch that powers skin vitality.

MS:  Who can benefit most from this regimen?

AKB: We like to say anyone with skin and it’s true. Our clinical studies concluded that after fours weeks, twice a day of proper application, impressive results were revealed. When using BeBella, the probiotic properties balance the body’s pH, while also creating a protective shield against its environment both inside and out. Improvement can be seen in people having skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and photo-damaged skin.

BeBella increases skin hydration, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps reverse photo-damaged skin and increases skin elasticity.

MS:  There are so many skincare offerings in professional beauty; what compelled you to introduce another?

AKB: The research conducted by the National Institutes of Health along with our own studies show probiotics are a new, positive innovative ingredient, which is what compelled us to introduce the BeBella probiotics skin line. Probiotics in a full skincare system naturally offers beauty from the inside out, resulting in not only skin beauty, but overall health and wellness.

MS:  Which formulas/products are patented?

AKB: Every BeBella product contains the patented probiotic strain. The probiotic strain used in the line has been tested and proven to be superior to 80 other strains.

MS:  Is education needed to properly use and retail these products?

AKB: It is not so much education that is necessary, but raising awareness of probiotics and their benefits. With our step-by-step labeling system, applying the product in the proper order is very simple. And they are:

·      Facial Cleanser

·      Purifying Facial Toner

·      Facial Essence

·      Hydrating Night Cream

·      Eye Cream

·      Facial Essence Stick

·      BeClara Skin Lightening

·      BeBella Collagen Pro

·      Probiotic Essentials Starter Kit

·      Probiotic Travel Kit





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