COLLECTION: Aquage's Luis Alvarez Gets Inspired by the Details

Luis Alvarez | March 4, 2014 | 8:10 AM
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Beauty is in the details. From the placement of each undulation to the killer silver nail tips, nothing elevates our work like meticulous attention to detail. The ultimate tool for masterful thermal techniques, Aquage working spray makes the magic happen. No nuance is too tiny to craft mindfully. In fact, it’s the sum of creating many small parts well, that makes the finished look larger than life. So go ahead, sweat the small stuff and your work is bound to wind up being a big, big deal.

That was what Aquage Master Hairdresser and Aquage Co-founder, Luis Alvarez and his team had in mind when they created this collection. sweet SPOT Details that are unexpected make the work memorable. Lips encrusted with SUGAR? Deliciously provocative. A peek-a-boo fringe tucked inside shattered layers that softly frame the face. Taking the time to finesse the details can help you find that perfect place where creativity and risk live happily ever after. And nothing finishes off your labor of love like aquage transforming spray.

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