The Difference Between Warm, Cool and Neutral Blondes

Lauren Salapatek | July 15, 2014 | 11:55 AM
Photo By @the_hair_doctor

MODERN SALON recently found this photo on Instagram (by @the_hair_doctor) that shows the difference between warm, cool and neutral blondes. "I was inspired by @cassandraplatinum to post this visual using my work!" says the_hair_doctor. "Blondes are very tricky, and they come in many different shades. Here's a visual guide of how I perceive blondes. I hope it helps you when making your color decisions!!"

The Difference Between Warm, Cool and Neutral Blondes

WARM TONES: Appear brighter as they reflect light: red yellow and orange undertones give these blondes a bright and vibrant hue. These shades work best on guests with tan or olive skin and brown or green eyes since they accentuate those tones.

COOL TONES: Appear darker (even if they are the lightest level blonde) because cool tones like blue and violet absorb light. These shades look beautiful with most skin tones and light eyes.

NEUTRAL: Appear balanced and wheaty, these tones are great for most guests as there are no intense overtones.

Feel comfortable during your consultations -- and know the different types of blondes.


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