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HAIR+ Summit 2016: Day 1

Jamie Newman | October 16, 2016 | 8:46 PM
Karen Gordon shares what hair loss services can be provided at a salon and what training is required.
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Brent Hardgrave answers a question from the audience during a panel discussion to wrap up day one, led by MODERN SALON Senior Editor Lauren Quick.
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MODERN SALON Senior Editor Lauren Quick (far right) leads a panel discussion with (from left to right) Marsha Scott, Sheila Wilson, Jeffrey Paul, Frank Rizzieri, Brent Hardgrave and Karen Gordon.
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Dr. Alan Bauman explained medical options available to clients, inclusing low-level laser light therapy, PRP, follicular unit extraction and hair grafting.
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Dr. Keith Jeffords explains medical options available to salon pros and clients dealing with hair loss.
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Jeffrey Paul of Jeffrey Paul for Restoring Beautiful Hair Salon shares what salon pros can offer clients dealing with hair loss or hair thinning.
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Kate Weissing of New Image Labs acts as the model for a scalp analysis.
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Attendees network with HAIR+ Summit sponsors during a break between presentations.
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Bobit Business Media COO Cyndy Drummy, MODERN SALON/SALON TODAY editors Jamie Newman, Lauren Quick and Stacey Soble, Karen Gordon of J. Gordon Designs and MODERN Publisher Steve Reiss.
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Dr. Nikki D. Hill discussed the stages of hair growth, types of hair loss, common causes of hair loss and more.
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Event attendees made their way to the Hair+ Summit from Cincinnati.
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MODERN'S Steve Reiss presents the results of Modern Salon Media's hair loss research study.
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MODERN SALON MEDIA hosts its first educational summit at the Hilton Atlanta Northeast in Atlanta October 16 and 17, the HAIR+ Summit. The HAIR+ Summit is the only immersive hair loss education event created by salon professionals for salon professionals.

The HAIR+ Summit kicked off Sunday morning as hair professionals took the stage to discuss why they focus on hair loss and why now is the time for other salon owners and stylists to dive into it, both to help existing clientele and attract new ones by expanding on their services in the hair loss category.

The day’s presenters from the beauty industry included Karen Gordon, Brent Hardgrave, Marsha Scott, Jeffrey Paul, Sheila Wilson and Frank Rizzieri, all of whom have built thriving businesses by becoming hair loss experts and mastering the tools, treatments and techniques that deliver the results their clients seek. They shared their personal stories; detailed the various opportunities; helped participants master the hair loss consultation with skill and sensitivity; shared strategies for helping their clients through chemotherapy and other medical situations; and demonstrated how to build a referral network and market this specialization. They also detailed the use of extensions, wigs and hair replacement pieces to help hair loss clients, as well as review in-salon treatments, take-home treatments, DHT-inhibiting shampoos and vitamin supplements.

Day one started off with a greeting from MODERN Publisher Steve Reiss and Senior Editor Lauren Quick. Quick invited attendees to join MODERN’s HAIR+ Facebook group exclusive to salon pros wanting to discuss hair loss and create a community within the category. Interested in joining the conversation? Search Facebook for “HAIR+ by Modern Salon” and request to join.

Gordon, owner of J. Gordon Designs in Chicago was the first speaker to take the stage.

Gordon, who is also Cosmetologist Chicago secretary, Intercoiffure member, hair colorist and hair loss specialist began by answering the question: Why get started in the hair loss category? The answers ranged from having slow shifts, openings, empty treatment rooms, to attract new clients and creating a point of difference for a salon. 

“I’m going to be 56 and I want to be in this industry for a long time,” Gordon said. “I want to move into a quieter, more intimate space with my clients; hair loss lets me do so.”

She also answered other questions, like what to expect when making hair loss a focus in the salon, which included a boost in clients, client loyalty, client frequency and money through service revenue, retail revenue and profits.

Gordon’s presentation was followed by Reiss discussing a proprietary study by MODERN SALON, which showed that today’s clients—both men and women—want help from their salon with thinning hair issues and they want it before, during and after experiencing hair loss. The research also revealed that clients stated they are willing to pay significantly more for hair loss solutions and are more interested than ever in the on-demand fashion options and flexibility offered by hair extensions and enhancements.  Reiss emphasized the need to focus on hair loss due to preventative measures, stating “your best client is the one who hasn’t started losing their hair yet.”

Medical professionals who specialize in hair loss also took the stage on day one of the HAIR+ Summit, including Drs. Nikki Hill, Alan Bauman and Keith Jeffords. They brought attendees up to speed on the different causes of hair loss and how to identify each one, as well as covered a variety of thinning hair solutions, how and why they work, and how best to match individual client needs with the best solution. In addition to professional products, they reviewed laser light therapy, PRP, follicle unit extraction, grafting and surgical solutions, as well as discuss how to partner with local medical professionals to further help clients in need.

To maintain an intimate event that focuses on open, intelligent dialogue, MODERN hand-selected the industry professionals at the HAIR+ Summit to highlight on building opportunities for important networking. This event is hosted by MODERN SALON Media rather than a single manufacturer with a singular point of view, so, in addition to the conference program, the opportunity allows participants to visit and learn from multiple manufacturers that are focused on this the hair loss category, so attendees can better decide what works best for their own salon business.

It was apparent that creating a sense of community within the hair loss category was a tremendous focus of the summit.

“We want to build a trusting community better than anyone else has done,” said Paul, founder of Jeffrey Paul for Restoring Beautiful Hair Salon, during his presentation.

The crowd was engaged throughout the day, and with their experience with hair loss ranging from beginner to expert, asking a wide range of questions and expressing their own experiences (or fears) within the category.

See HAIR+ Summit's day two overview here!

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