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Love Out Lavender Campaign: Funding a Search to Cure Cancer

November 3, 2016 | 12:17 PM
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Breast Cancer

Total raised: $5,032
Hair: Amanda Epstein
Makeup: Thomas Duffy
Photographer: Lisa Polese

“She wanted to do the shoot with her good friend with whom she had gone through chemo and radiation. My concept for this shoot was to have her standing strong, carrying another woman through her cancer journey. When we started shooting, they were uncomfortable and struggled with the vision I had because it wasn’t their experience. They explained how everyone treated them differ-ently, but they could be real with each other, they were each other’s support system. They would say, ‘This sucks,’ or, ‘You look terrible,’ and then would hug and laugh. As they reminisced, we got our shot. You could feel the raw, genuine moment

Non-profit Love Out Lavender encourages beauty professionals to create inspiring images used to generate donations toward funding a search for a cure for cancer.

When founder Todd Kane’s mother received a cancer diagnosis, he remembered she taught him to believe that love conquers all. Kane, who is a Matrix artistic educator, took this to heart and founded Love Out Lavender, setting out to prove that creativity can help defeat cancer. 

The work featured here are the top-grossing images in 2016’s Love Out Lavender campaign, which raised $50,000 for City Of Hope to help battle cancer. For details on how to participate in the 2017 campaign, visit

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