Trichologist's Toolkit: The Products You Should Be Offering Clients With Hair Loss

Elizabeth Jakaitis | March 30, 2017 | 2:02 PM
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Éprouvage Restorative Scalp Treatment
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ReGenesis Micro-Targeting Spray
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Aveda Invati Men Scalp Revitalizer
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Zenagen Revolve
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Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Regime
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Cesare Ragazzi Hair Loss Prevention Line
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Nioxin Diamax Advanced
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Women’s Rogaine
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Revive Pro-Care 3-Part System
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Évolis Reverse Hair Restoration System
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Redken Cerafill Retaliate
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Allure Hair Building Fibers
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Bosley Professional Strength Hair Thickening Fibers
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Toppik XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers
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Nouritress Make It Fuller Hair Loss Concealer Fibers For Curly Textured Hair
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Viviscal Professional
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Nutrafol Women and Nutrafol Men
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Pro|Gen Labs Active Care
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HairMax LaserBand 41
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Trichology is the study of hair and scalp health—important knowledge for the stylist confronted with a client concerned about hair thinning or loss. Be prepared to recommend products and solutions that will build client trust and increase revenue.


For clients expressing concern about thinning hair for the first time, topicals can be an introduction to this category of products. From shampoos and conditioners to scalp treatments and masks, topical products focus on strengthening hair follicles and improving scalp health to create the optimal environment for growth.

Some topical products specifically address different stages of thinning, preventing hair loss early on or working to increase growth where advanced thinning has already occurred. Furthermore, topicals might offer hair growth or thickening.

Growth products work on a molecular level to encourage follicles to return to the growth phase. In contrast, thickening products are short-term solutions that only last until the next shampoo. Although growth products give longer-lasting results, they require more consistent use over time before results are seen. In the meantime, thickening products can provide a temporary solution.

  1. Éprouvage Restorative Scalp Treatment
  2. ReGenesis Micro-Targeting Spray
  3. Aveda Invati Men Scalp Revitalizer
  4. Zenagen Revolve
  5. Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Regime
  6. Cesare Ragazzi Hair Loss Prevention Line
  7. Nioxin Diamax Advanced
  8. Women’s Rogaine
  9. Revive Pro-Care 3-Part System
  10. Évolis Reverse Hair Restoration System
  11. Redken Cerafill Retaliate


Hair fibers are a temporary solution that help clients mask the signs of thinning. Made of colored keratin protein, fibers blend with existing hair strands to create the look of fuller hair. They are available in various shades to match the client’s color and can be used at a client’s part to cover extension tracks and to touch-up roots between color services. Application usually involves shaking on fi bers then spraying a holding spray that will keep fi bers locked in place. The look of increased volume and thickness will last until the fi bers are washed out with shampoo. Hair fi bers are suitable for men and women. The Nouritress fibers featured are specifi cally designed to mimic the texture of curly hair.

  1. Allure Hair Building Fibers
  2. Bosley Professional Strength Hair Thickening Fibers
  3. Toppik XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers
  4. Nouritress Make It Fuller Hair Loss Concealer Fibers For Curly Textured Hair


Incorporating dietary supplements into a daily routine can help clients to support a healthy scalp and hair. Vitamins and minerals that foster hair growth include vitamin C, biotin, niacin, iron and zinc. If clients are not getting enough of these through the food they eat, supplements can help by supplying key nutrients to the follicle to prolong the hair growth cycle. Supplements will also support shinier, stronger strands, as well as promote healthier skin and nails. Because supplements nourish hair growth from inside the body, it can take three to six months to see maximum results, so it’s important to encourage clients to stick with the routine. Some supplements are formulated specifi cally for men or women, whereas others are formulated to suit both.

  1. Viviscal Professional
  2. Nutrafol Women and Nutrafol Men
  3. Pro|Gen Labs Active Care


Lasers are often used for hair removal, but dermatologists discovered that when lasers were used to remove hair at inadequate levels, hair growth occurs. Through the process of photobiostimulation, low laser-light therapy stimulates hair follicles at a cellular level to promote growth. Salons might carry hair growth laser devices that clients can take home and wear for as little as three minutes, three days a week to encourage new growth with increased density and fullness.

HairMax LaserBand 41

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