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Ice Queen: A Rooted-In-Silver Look from Truss

Victoria Wurdinger | October 30, 2017 | 1:16 PM

This Truss technique uses strategic positioning to create light and color in a rooted-in-silver look.

Formula & Application:
Natural level 5 regrowth with white lengths.

Formula 1: 100 g Truss Air.Libre Bleaching powder + 5 g 8XPowder bond builder with 120 ml 10-volume cream developer
Formula 2: 60 g Truss Color Super Clear 901 + 5 g 8XPowder bond builder with 120 ml 20-volume cream developer
Formula 3: 30 g Truss Color Semipermanent 6.1 + 5 g 8XPowder with 120 ml 10-volume cream developer
Formula 4: 30 g Truss Color Semi-permanent 7.89 with 120 ml 10-volume cream developer
Formula 5: 30 g Truss Color Permanent 7.89 with 120 ml 10-volume developer

1. Apply Formula 1 to the regrowth and any darker hair, staying off the scalp. Process until you reach level 10. Then shampoo, massage a color ampoule through the hair and rinse. Dry hair completely.
2. Next, apply Formula 2 to all the regrowth. Process 50 minutes, then rinse and reconstruct.
3. On damp hair, apply Formula 3 to the new growth. Process 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
4. Section out four rectangles on top that move from behind the front hairline to the crown. Then section out the hairline all the way around with one flowing parting that creates a triangle in front, moves down and then up to create two triangles at the sides and two at the nape. Apply Formula 4 to the top rectangles and front and side triangles. Apply Formula 5 to triangles at the nape. Process 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Hair: Gisele Quintino
Photographer: Daryna Barykina
Makeup: Lilia Budnik

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Hair Color Trends
Hair Color Trends

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