HOW-TO: Take Jaw Dropping Eye Lash Pics for Social Media

Lauren Salapatek | December 14, 2017 | 1:14 PM
Before & After - American Volume Lashes
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American Volume Lashes
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Before & After - American Volume Lashes
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Coupled with her passion for lashes and her stellar marketing strategies, Sarah Anne, 2017 NovaLash Artist of the Year and Brand Ambassador, can teach us all a few things about how to boost your career.

As a lash artist she approaches each and every client as a separate case. Scroll through her Instagram page, @sarahanes_beauty, and see the transformations yourself! Each of her lash posts are on-point—they’re up-close-and personal, creative and they’ve all got that “wow” factor. There is a lot more to putting together a social media post that what you'd think!

Watch the video below and get a better idea on how to execute the process. A little advice never hurt!

Step 1. Consent
Make sure your client is OK with you taking pictures and videos of them and posting it to your social media.

Step 2. Lighting
Use NovaLash’s fLASHlight. Choose between three of the light settings to create soft and even lighting for photos of your client.

Step 3. Angles
Always take several photos with several angles to get the best shot. Remember to take before and after photos too.

Step 4. Switch Things Up!
Whether taking a blinking boomerang or lash video, your brand should be recognizable and unique. Be creative and fun!

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