2 Ways to Save Time & Be More Efficient When Applying Lashes

Lauren Salapatek | January 5, 2018 | 10:03 AM
Photo By @lashes_by_bianca

Bianca Martinez, NovaLash Brand Ambassador and influencer (@lashes_by_bianca,) loves the concept of saving time while being more efficient when applying eyelash extensions on her clients.

To help her do this, she recommends using the Glove Technique that saves time and effort. When applying a full set of NovaLash extensions, the technique involves using your hand as a work palette.

In this video, Martinez briefly shows how the technique looks and also how she finished off her work with the MiniMr., a tool for lash artists that dispenses the precise amount of distilled water to accelerate the curing process of the Platinum Bond adhesive.

These two steps are crucial for Martinez in her lash business. Sign up for NovaLash classes today and learn more.

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