TRENDING NOW: Eyelash Extensions for Your Male Clientele!

Lauren Salapatek | March 8, 2018 | 8:51 AM
Before and after NovaLash Extensons
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Eyelash extensions aren't just for the ladies! Men can benefit from this service, too.

Just like how you would with your women clientele, make sure you conduct a full consultation before application, so you can figure out your male client's desired look.

Communication is key—ask him if he has ever worn eyelash extensions before, and if so, what type of 'look' did he have before?

Ask what career he has. Is he in show business? If so, he may want more of a dramatic look. Is he a working professional? Maybe he might want something a little more natural. Finding out as much as possible about your male client or any client will perfect the final look! 

According to NovaLash, most men tend to go for thickness over length.

"I tend to stay away from the curly lashes," says Sarah-Anne Barham (@sarahannes_beauty). "I like to use NovaLash's novaMinx in B or C curl and NovaLash’s L curl to add a natural curve to their natural lashes. I only use lengths in 8mm and 10mm to add thickness. The best way to style the male client is by using thinner-diameter extensions—ideally the same diameter as his natural lash or just a little thicker. On my male client I used a mix of 0.15 and 0.20 in a B curl."

Baraham also says, the most important part of the process is helping him feel as comfortable as possible. "Always make sure he is well-informed about the treatment before applying any lashes," she says.

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