Men on a Mission: 9 On-Trend Men's Grooming Looks from Instagram

Mary Kaleta | June 6, 2018 | 8:16 AM
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Embracing silver is trending in hair color, so it makes sense we’d see it in men’s cuts, as well. @tomchapman_tcxhd crafted a well groomed beard and style that redefines silver fox.
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An edgy style doesn’t have to be crazy, and this fade from @rm_barber proves that. The simplicity of the three diagonal lines creates a unique look without going overboard.
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This sleek look by @paulo_sillva_barber combines an edgy color combination with a fade while still maintaining a professional vibe.
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This look from @vinnycleancuts has clean lines without losing any fun. The hair contrasts with the full beard and curled moustache to create a cohesive overall style.
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How fly is this guy? @jarrdesbarbers killed it with the cut and color, and this kid is ready to take on the classroom with some edge.
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@famos did an excellent job of adding clean edges to complement the dreadlocks. The edges blend seamlessly with the beard.
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The contrast @criminal_barber work achieved here between the beard and pompadour shows a great balance of volume with clean lines.
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This natural perm by @japanesebarber.aki adds texture to the hair and plays well with the hidden undercut.
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This style from @barber.josh.o.p is sleek with intricate detail work. We love how the artist paid attention to detail with the subtle fade.
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At MODERN, it’s an everyday occurrence to spend time scrolling through endless feeds of beautiful, colorful and inspirational women’s hair; but it’s also the place for barbering inspiration—so we launched our men’s focused Instagram page, @HISmoderngrooming. Here are some favorite looks from the page—tag your men’s work with #modernsalon and #HISmoderngrooming for the chance to be featured.

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