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2018 MODERN SALON 100: Carolynn Judd @styled_by_carolynn

Anne Moratto | August 2, 2018 | 10:00 AM
Carolynn Judd @styled_by_carolynn
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Carolynn Judd @styled_by_carolynn
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Her asymetrical bobs give us life.  Angled and textured, she brings out the interest in every shape, creating a signature look.  Anyone would be lucky to be styled by Carolynn Judd.

Carolynn Judd


Ave Salon, Ogden, Utah

Specialty: Texture, bobs, lobs, angled bobs, razor cutting

Followers: 48.8k

Most viral post: This Face Frame Balayage Textured Bob is my most viral post yet. I always love doing Heidi’s hair because she gives me complete artistic freedom when it comes to her color and style. I chose something this time that I felt would be a timeless look but yet bold enough to feel fresh and new. The Lob is a perfect style, being both timeless and fun. The traditional bob is always great but throw in some serious razor texturizing and it takes your bobs to a whole other level. I wanted to do a nice soft balayage but throw in a bright money piece. I think the reason this picture is so viral is because it is a style I feel anyone would want and feel comfortable wearing. It is also a pretty ‘safe’ style but has some edge to it. It also helps that Heidi is beautiful.

Favorite apps: Over and Hype type are my favorite right now. I am also loving the Facetune app. You can smooth your client’s skin tones, or get rid of any blemishes and make them feel more comfortable when you post their picture.

Favorite hashtags: #modernsalon #texturedbob

I follow: @shellygregoryhair, @domdomhair, @justinanderson, @hairbyedwin

Pro tips: Lighting is a huge factor when trying to show texture. Natural light is best with a clean backdrop. I also say comb, comb, comb. Kevin. Murphy told me that you should comb, comb, comb because it gets better as you comb.

Hidden talent: I am Great Lengths Extensions certified and I can do those in no time but it is definitely a hidden talent since I am known for my short styles.

How social media changed my life: I got into the social media game late for sure. I opened my salon 3 years ago and @hairandmakeupbysteph is one of my good friends and a stylist. She talked me into starting my own social media page. She would always tell me she loved my so I have to thank her for pushing me. I have has so many amazing opportunities to meet people, companies, and to travel. If I wasn’t on social I know I wouldn’t have any of the amazing opportunities that I am presented.

The first time I was featured on MODERN’s Insta: I am always in awe when anyone reposts my work, let alone a huge magazine that has thousands of pictures to choose from. The first time I was in shock and a little shaken up. It’s all I talked about at the dinner table with my husband and kids. I would tag but never in a million years did I think I would get featured. It gave me the confidence and drive to push myself more. Funny thing is I didn’t think the picture was even that great.

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