18:21 Man Made Grooming Summer Collection

Anne Moratto | July 27, 2018 | 9:28 AM
  Hair: Ryan Mulcahy------ Product: 18.21 Man Made Clay, Hair Spray------ Makeup: Kaja Gybasova
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Hair: Brooklyn Allen------ Product: 18.21 Man Made Clay, Paste, Hair Spray----- Makeup: Kaja Gybasova  
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Hair: Martin Hristov----- Product: 18.21 Man Made Clay, Paste, Hair Spray----- Makeup: Kaja Gybasova
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Hair: Brooklyn Allen----- Product: 18.21 Man Made Paste----- Makeup: Kaja Gybasova
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Hair: Brent Nelsen---- Makeup: Kaja Gybasova----Product: 18.21 Man Made Clay, Paste & Hair Spray
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 18.21 Man Made Grooming is a professional brand that addresses men’s basic hair care needs while elevating the grooming experience at home and in the salon.  With innovative packaging and graphics reminiscent of prohibition-era America, 18.21 is a brand that maintains a small focus with a curated range.

A summer photography collection was created by the 18:21 team that features casual hair with a SoCal surfer vibe.  And how appropriate--with a brand that is inspired by a time in US history when liquor was prohibited--that 'cocktailing' of products achieves that relaxed, hit the waves feel.

"To achieve these looks we used multiple products from our 18.21 Man Made Grooming line," explains Angel del Solar, co-founder and managing director of 18.21 Man Made Grooming. "Our brand is about versatility and there are lots of ways to use the products together. They can be layered one on top of another, cocktailed together and used on dry or wet hair for styling or finishing. Our Clay and Paste can be cocktailed with different ratios depending on whether you want more curl or more piecey looks. It’s all about getting more texture with modern, newer styles."

A complete breakdown of each look can be found in the 18:21 Summer Style Guide.

"There are endless ways to use the products for all types of looks from curly to straight, wavy to messy," del Solar continues. "Our Paste will smooth blowdrys and create piecey styles.  Our Clay will create volume and thickness, adding a mussy finish. A combination of both will combine effects.  Adding Clay to Paste will create more volume and adding Paste to Clay will make it less rough.  It’s all about how to layer, how to cocktail.  Always finish with hairspray to lock in the styles, ensuring they stay fresh all day.”

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