How to Braid Like A Boss

September 5, 2018 | 11:31 AM
What’s more romantic than braided hairstyles? Hair by @blohaute
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Twist and shout! Hair by @blohaute
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Bridesmaids are always down with braids. Hair by @blohaute
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Why stop with one braid when you can have three? Triple braid delight by @heymelindak
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French braids, Dutch braids, double braids, triple braids, braided space buns, pancaked twists—the list of braiding possibilities goes on and on. Which could explain why braided hairstyles continue to be the most requested for brides, bridesmaids, prom-goers and clients who simply want something fresh and feminine.

Three top Design.ME ambassadors—Amanda Dietrich, aka @blohaute; Emily Snips, aka @emilysnips and Melinda Keener, aka @heymelindak—are true braiding mavens, with incredible skills and knowledge. Follow their tried and true tips and in no time, you’ll be braiding like a boss!


Amanda Dietrich’s Top Braiding Tips

  • Before braiding, set Design.ME Hold.ME Three Ways Hairspray on the “light” setting and mist the hair all over for soft grip and hold. This makes it easier to hold each section of hair and keep the braid secure.
  • To create a large, textured braid, complete the braid and before securing with a pin or elastic, sprinkle Design.ME Puff.ME Light softly over the entire braid. Then, starting at the bottom of the braid, work upward and gently stretch the braid for a plump, dramatic look.
  • Got layers? Complete the braid, then set Hold.ME Three Ways on the “strong hold” setting and mist the hair. This will tame any shorter layers that may try to pop out.


Emily Snips’ Braided Waves

No flat iron or curling wand? No problem, says Emily. Simply “set” your hair in braided sections for a trendy, crimped wave result. Here’s how:

  1. Mist damp hair with Design.ME Fab.ME. Comb through and divide hair into four sections.
  2. Create a three-strand braid within each quadrant and secure each braid with an elastic, an inch up from the ends.
  3. Allow hair to air dry, or speed up the drying time with a diffuser.
  4. Once braids are dry, remove the elastics, rake through with your fingers and apply Design.ME Puff.ME to expand the volume.
  5. Add your favorite accessory and head out to meet your girls!


Watch @emilysnips create her signature crimped waves on a mid-length bob.


Melinda Keener’s Braiding Product “Musts”

  1. Design.ME Puff.ME. “I always want as much volume and texture as possible and this product gives me the biggest hair on the block. I use it to prep my braids and upstyles, because it gives me ‘grip’ on clean, slick hair. Before Puff.ME, my pancakes were pathetic—now my braids are so full and my clients’ hair looks so thick—they love it!”
  2. Design.ME Hold.ME 3 Ways. “I end every service with this hairspray because it offers three setting options—Light for prep work and lightweight hold; Medium, which is a great working spray and High for when I want my styles to last alllll night!”
  3. Design.ME Fab.ME. “This is the boss of the group—the mother of all treatments. I use it in so many ways—detangling, equalizing porosity, adding shine and so much more.”


Watch @heymelindak create a fat and happy three braid twist!

Here’s how to do @steph.scissorhandsMermaid Tail Braid with Bling 

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