HOW-TO: Romantic Crown Braid Updo

Jamie Newman | October 15, 2018 | 12:27 PM
"My favorite way to do crown braids is to use hair extensions and a million individual braids," says Heidi Marie Garrett Villa, special occasion stylist and Artist Connective member.

Heidi Marie Garrett Villa is known for her whimsical, braided and twisted, special-occasion boho styles. The Artist Connective member says of of the most important ingredients to this aesthetic is extra-long hair. 

Tape-in extensions are a simple solution (and excellent up-sell) for those special-occasion clients who want long, full hair for their big day. For this look, Garrett Villa used Great Lengths' new GL Tapes tape-in extensions. GL Tapes are available in four lengths—10”, 14”, 18” and 22” —and more than 55 colors. Here, she used color 23. 

"Having extra long hair extensions is super important to make sure the braids can criss-cross on top," she writes on Instagram

Watch and see how Garrett Villa creates a romantic crown braid updo using GL Tapes as her base. 

"My favorite way to do crown braids is to use hair extensions and a million individual braids," she says. "If your heart is beating in a panic and your palms are sweaty because you can see the GL Tapes showing, just wait. They all get covered up by the time you reach the finish line!" 

GET THE LOOK: Romantic Crown Braid Updo
Step 1: Section and clip away the crown and front side areas. Using the hair in the back of the head, create three 3-strand braids.
Step 2: Pancake the braids, then roll and pin each braid to make 3 braided balls.
Step 3: Using the hair from the crown area, create a 3-strand braid and then pancake the braid.
Step 4: Create a dutch braid along the front hairline and pancake the braid. Don't worry if the tapes from the extensions show.
Step 5: Create a fishtail braid next to the dutch braid, and make sure to include the extensions in the braid for extra length. Pancake the fishtail braid.
Step 6: Create a 3-strand braid with the remaining hair located between the fishtail braid and crown section. Pancake the braid.
Step 7: Repeat steps 4-6 on opposite side.
Step 8: Tuck and pin the braid from the crown section down and around the braided balls at the nape.
Step 9: Drape the two 3-strand braids from each of the side sections across the top of the updo in the back.
Step 10: Fold and pin the dutch braid up and over the top of the head to create a head band. Repeat on opposite side.
Step 11. Fold and pin the fishtail braid up and over the top of the head to create a second head band behind the dutch braid. Repeat on opposite side.
Step 12: Tuck and hide any exposed elastic bands, pin loose hairs, pancake and pull out any flat areas to create balance.

GL Tapes can last up to eight weeks with proper care, after which the GL Tapes can be reapplied, potentially turning your bride or special-occasion client into a full-out extension client!

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