Four Must-Follow Beard Grooming Tips from @thecutcoach

Anne Moratto | October 15, 2018 | 1:26 PM
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Corey Bakon @thecutcoach
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No Shave November is quickly approaching and with that comes the opportunity for men to grow their facial hair for a great cause. To help your clients get the best experience for facial hair growth, we're sharing the top tips and tricks from Andis Company Educator Corey Bakon @thecutcoach, for creating the most stylish looks this season.

  • When the facial hair first starts to grow, it is the most irritating. Offering your client a treatment for the stubble like a hot towel and skin cream or tonic will show them how to relieve the irritable first few days of growth. This will also help soften the hair prior to grooming.
  • The foundation for a great beard shape is started by outlining the stubble. This will give the first impressions of what the hairline should look like to complement his face shape while also providing a line for him to follow at home. This can also be done by laying the client back to make this easier to achieve the desired look while also giving the client a treatment experience. 
  • If your client is going for the full grown beard experience, at home maintenance will be key. As the beard grows, introduce your client to a regular beard treatment regiment and a beard oil to keep the facial hair soft and manageable. Suggesting a bi-weekly appointment for trimming and maintaining will also help to keep his look fresh and stylish.
  • When you're ready to start grooming, start by combing out the beard and paying extra attention to any less dense areas. Use your clipper with longer guards to blend areas at the ear and jaw. Follow up with a powerful trimmer with a sharp edge like the Cordless T-Outliner Li to get a precise shape and finish. You can even use a straight edge razor as an upgrade to elevate the experience.


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