Color Correction: Banded Box Color Save

Anne Moratto | March 28, 2019 | 12:32 PM
Photo By @aqcsalon

This color correction took 6 hours and “she was a champ!” reads this scroll-stopping post on AQC Salon’s Instagram @aqcsalon. The salon is located in Halifax, Canada and spring has finally arrived there.  This client was ready for a spring cleaning of her hair color.

“Cautionary tale for those box color users out there…don’t do it.  Photo on the left is the result of at home lightening, resulting in uneven color saturation, breakage and hot roots.”[email protected]


Step One:  Cleansed hair with Kevin Murphy’s Balancing Wash mixed with 30 volume lightener.

“This process is the most challenging as we don’t know color history, and we aren’t sure how evenly the color will lift out.”[email protected]

Step Two: Toned with a level 7/8 gold blonde. Then applied full head foils, two low lights, and a high light.

Step Three: Toned everything at the sink with 9.1 and a natural 10.


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