7 of Your Best-Selling Texturizing Pastes, Creams, Fibers and Pomades

Jamie Newman | May 22, 2019 | 9:44 AM
“Redken Rough Paste! I love the container and its easy-to-work-with consistency. It only goes where I want it, without making hair greasy or too stiff.” [email protected]
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 “I love Oribe’s Fiber Groom.” [email protected]
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“Paul Mitchell MVRCK Original Pomade gives a healthy shine and medium hold. I use on short hair or long pompadour styles. Versatile and water soluble for no flaking and easy to shampoo out.” [email protected]
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“Keune Blend Paste adds shine and the holding power can’t be beat. It’s not sticky and can be restyled because it doesn’t ‘dry.’ I’ve never used a product like it—it’s my number-one seller.” [email protected]  
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“Bosley Professional Strength's Ultra Boost Styling Creme is a moldable, matte finish texture cream great for adding volume and texture to short hairstyles and adding depth and texture to longer hairstyles as well.” [email protected] 
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“Aquage Transforming Paste is 80% hairspray and 20% wax with a matte finish. For men, it’s an easy way to create strand definition and separation and hold at the same time.” [email protected]_fowler_aquage 
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“I love the American Crew Forming Cream! It gives great texture without making the hair feel oily. It lasts all day and you can still blowdry the hair after you use it to set it!” [email protected]  
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