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HOW TO: Sun Kissed Ombre

Jan Hillenmeyer | November 28, 2012 | 12:22 PM

Ombre is a color technique that continues to captivate clients and offer colorists a popular service option. Lynee Ruiz of Carenza Salon in Brookfield, Wisconsin shared her tips for creating ombre effects personalized for each client.


HOW TO: Sun Kissed OmbreGet the Look: Ruiz begins her color services with a “visual map” that considers facial features like the jaw line, lips and cheekbones to find the perfect color placement to flatter the client’s face.

Ruiz took a regular, triangular section above the ear and began the application at the lowest subsection using a tail comb to create a medium weave.  She applied a formula of three parts 20-volume developer to one-part Redken Gold Icing lightener. The color is applied from the lower one-third of the weave section to the ends. Next, she feathers the color up the strands to the point where the ombre effect will begin.  Ruiz “crunches” the foil around the sections and works around the head moving upward throughout the triangle section,

Ruiz finishes the color application with an overall glaze using equal parts Redken Shades EQ 9 AA and  9G.


Photography by Crystal Schreiner

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