Modern Salon

May 2015

Hair: John C. Simpson
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich for
Fashion styling: Rod Novoa, assisted by Dennis Pinto

When we decided to devote our May issue to color, it was easy to plan our editorial. We’re fresh from Chicago’s America’s Beauty Show and full of inspiration. From interesting application techniques to modern twists on classic balayage, this issue is packed with imagination.

In Process, dozens of money-making formulas that challenge the color wheel and push creative boundaries are featured. Blondes range from goldens and babylights to platinum and honey. Brunettes are dripping in chocolate hues, and techniques convert single processes into dimensional accents in a fraction of the time. Fashion colors take ROYGBIV to new heights, and spicy, jewel-toned reds take center stage.

Learn about the touch-up spray category designed to mask new growth. From aerosols and powders, this is one of the fastest-growing retailers that can actually boost your color business. A happy client is a loyal client, of course, and these take-homes help color stay looking vibrant while keeping your client in your chair and not down the aisle of a drugstore in the hunt for a salon alternative.​

In This Issue

Article TIGI Artistis from left to right are: Kerrie O’Reilly, Christopher Catanese , Maria Carrubba, Warren Boodaghians (behind),Richy Kandasamy, Maria Kovacs, Gen Itoh (behind), Pat Mascolo, Akos Bodi (behind), Anthony Mascolo, Thomas Osborn, Joshua Mascolo, Christel Lundqvist, Philip downing (behind), Marco Iafrate, Renee Valerie, Piero Gentile (behind), John Harte.
 (photo credit: Mauro Carraro)

TIGI TEAM SPIRIT: They Hold the Copyright

Anne Moratto | April 30, 2015

TIGI International Creative Team brings their global brand, Copyright Colour, to hairdressers everywhere, emphasizing strong education and classic technique. The TIGI International Creative TeamThomas Osborn- cutting/styling (Creative ...


Seamless Color

| April 2, 2012

To offer a simple and quick service, Dubre utilized the model’s existing highlights but added more depth at the base, using a shade deeper than her natural shade, and blending out to stronger lift at the tips using a high-lift powder lightener. “It’s a new fresh look,” he says. “It’s taking the extreme ombre and giving it a gentle 2012 spin.”