Fave4 Launches Shampoo & Conditioner

Lauren Quick | October 16, 2015 | 9:19 AM

Pro styling line Fave4—known first four its four hairsprays and then for its four styling creams—is launching shampoo and conditioner. How many? You could probably guess!

The two shampoos and two conditioners are designed to mix and match according to how hair is to be styled that day.

"Hairstylists and clients don't like being locked into pre-determined wash and care pairings," says Lynne McNelis, co-founder of Fave4. "It's about allowing each individual to find their fave and go with the style they are wanting to achieve as well as their particular hair needs. This really benefits hairdressers who tend to mix and match at the backbar anyway; now they can prescribe clients' wash and care regimen in the same way."

The shampoos are Beyond Big volumizing shampoo and Hydra Help moisturizing shampoo. Conditioners include Let's Go Light for lightweight shine and Repair it Right strengthening conditioner.

"Hairstyling is so fun, so choosing a shampoo and conditioner should be just as fun, too!" says Alex Andrews, co-founder of Fave4. "Maybe one day you want to create a voluminous bombshell blowout, so you start with Beyond Big and condition with Let's Go Light for a touch of shine. Then on the days hair is just not feeling it, try Hydra Help and Repair It Right to get hair health back on track."

Products are free of gluten, sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride. Visit for more info. 


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