Sebastian Professional's Metamorphik Collection

Lauren Salapatek | January 22, 2016 | 10:56 AM
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Sebastian Professionals Eruptek
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Sebastian Professional's Resintek
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Sebastian Professional introduces two new tactile products — Eruptek and Resintek which contain two powerful but opposing raw elements — volcanic ash and carnauba wax. The use of these raw materials combined with advanced technology allow stylists to change the surface of their clients’ hair and create looks with unpredictable textures and intriguing shapes.

As the driving force behind the new product collection, Sebastian Global Artistic Directors Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey created the Metamorphik Collection. This hair collection features eight inspirational looks using both Eruptek and Resintek to turn up volume in the hair with self-expression.

Global Art Directors Michael Polsinelli (left) and Shay Dempsey (right) step inside the Sebastian laboratory to experiment and explore the phenomenon of metamorphosis, with a vision to change the state of hair and unlock new possibilities for artistry.

"We really wanted to create something that felt true to Sebastian’s heritage; products that allow creativity and individuality to shine through. Both products enable stylists and consumers to push their styling boundaries in any way they want,”says Polsinelli.

According to Polsinelli and Dempsey, Metamorphik is more than a collection - they drew their inspiration from the constant transformations seen in nature and replicated those changes through hair artistry.

More about the products:

Eruptek is a creamy paste that combines the heat and energy of volcanic ash to detonate upon contact with hair delivering explosive texture, expansive volume and matte finish. When worked into hair, Eruptek morphs and transforms hair into unexpected shapes. Increase hair's volume by blow drying hair and layering Eruptek for added effect.

Resintek is a durable wax that’s sourced from the Carnauba tree. The moldable liquid sap styling product transforms hair into unexpected rubber like texture, providing holdable styles and hyper-shine. Carnauba Wax is recognized for its multiple benefits, but is rarely used in a liquid form in styling products. Resintek boosts elasticity, which enables hair to be remolded into different styles throughout the day.

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