NovaLash's Diamond Dusted Forceps

May 22, 2018 | 8:51 AM
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Learn why NovaLash's Diamond Forceps should be in your lash repertoire.

NovaLash makes it easy to create the custom fans for volume lash applications. Traditional forceps can pinch and dent delicate volume lash extensions when handling them. Volume Diamond Dusted Forceps’ tips are texturized. Coated in 100% real crushed natural diamonds, they require less force to build fans as they easily grip multiple extensions at once without slipping.

Two Diamonds are Better Than One

Available in two different styles, NovaLash's Volume Diamond Dusted Forceps (Volume Diamond Dusted D and Volume Diamond Dusted I,) are ideal forceps for volume lashing. They provide grip that instantly produces fans right from a strip of volume lashes. This saves time and allows stylists to work faster and smarter.

What are the advantages of Volume Diamond Dusted D and I Forceps?

NovaLash Volume Forceps are easy to use and handle when applying fans or multiple lash extensions to each natural lash at one time. Volume Diamond Dusted D Forceps are an aerodynamic and slim pair of forceps. Volume Diamond Dusted I Forceps have a wider shaft that allows you to adjust your handling of the forceps for more precise application of extensions. Both pairs of forceps’ tips are slender and coated with diamond dust that gently grips to lash extensions without crushing them.

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