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14 Ways Stylists are Spending Time at Home

Despite being faced with difficult, stressful times, these stylists share how they are being productive, both personally and professionally, while at home. Get ideas from them!

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Mental Health and Future Tripping During COVID-19

You're not only thinking about what is currently happening, but also projecting into the future. Strategies for bringing yourself back to the present moment and avoiding virus "future tripping."

How Two Salons Address Employee Mental Health

One salon in the United Kingdom and another in the United States tap into their resources to help bring mental health support to their employees. Discover how they set this support up and what a difference it is making to the team's well-being and the salon's bottom line.

8 Ways to Help Change the Image of Mental Health Care

You can help erase the stigma of having mental illness, which keeps many people from seeking treatment.

Geno Stampora: Thoughts on Hairdresser Health

Beauty industry guru Geno Stampora advises hairdressers to plan for a long and healthy career by making sure to rest, read, hydrate and put things in perspective.

Hairstylist Helps Client with Depression

Fixing hopeless hair for a depressed client lifts a hairdresser's spirit.

Grief and Emotional Healing

Current events in the news have Americans caught between the need to grieve and the mandate to keep moving forward. Whether your loss is very personal or shared with a community, it’s important to take measures to make sure you’re ...

Mental Health Awareness Marked in 2015

Bringing mental illness out of the shadows has long been a goal of the mental health community. In 2015, this movement caught steam as both famous and non-famous sufferers shared their stories publically. The Mighty, a website devoted to ...

10 Habits to Build Mental Toughness

Succeeding as a hairdresser requires you to have a heart as soft as cotton and nerves as hard as steel. You try to make people feel great when, in return, they may complain that you missed the mark on their hair color. It takes mental stamina to ...

Need a Guiding Meditation? Eight are Free Online

UCLA has made audio meditation guidance available as free online podcasts ready to play on the UCLA website and also available for downloading free from iTunes. Ranging in length from 5 to 19 minutes, the eight topics ...