weight management

5 Tips for a Healthier Summertime You

Summer is a good season to review your approach to diet and exercise. With so many fresh fruits and vegetables available, you can try more options for getting your antioxidants. The warm weather also removes the indoor limits of a ...

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Breast Cancer Update: Weight Matters

A new study confirms that obesity raises the risk for breast cancer, especially for postmenopausal women. City of Hope, which supports the efforts of Healthy Hairdresser, reports that the research published this month in JAMA Oncology is based ...

Food for Thought

We made it to spring—the season to renew, refresh, start again. It’s a good time to check in on personal goals from the beginning of the year, including our career-sustaining Healthy Hairdresser resolutions for body, spirit and ...

Un-fad Your Diet

People like to believe in something and belong to something, and in the weight loss industry that feeds into a series of fad diets, each one with its die-hard fans. They’re vegans or Atkins people or South Beach skinnies. But a book ...

Own Your Body

Your career as a hairdresser makes you hyper aware of beauty and appearance. Do you feel that team members treat you a certain way based on your appearance? Do clients judge you for the way you look? Even if you do not feel that your ...

National Childhood Obesity Month

Tips to help the children in your personal and professional life to live healthier.

8 Food Myths

8 myths about food from cardiologist Dr. Mike Fenster, author of The Fallacy of the Calorie.

Hairdressers’ Top 3 Health Concerns

Weight and fitness, back and neck problems and sore feet and legs rank as hairdressers' top 3 health issues, according to MODERN SALON's Healthy Hairdresser survey.

Help With Portion Control

Diets fail mainly for these six reasons, according to a report from Malory Band, a cord worn around the waist to encourage portion control.

Become a “Grassroots Gourmet”

Dr. Michael Fenster gives tips on eating food that's delicious, fresh and healthful so you can become a "grassroots gourmet" despite your busy schedule.