September 16, 2020 | 11:00 AM PT | Duration: 1 Hr

How Stylists Can Move from Coping to Adapting to Thriving in Our New Reality

The only thing we’re certain of is that we need a little certainty. In early spring of this year, we felt panicked. Then we started to slowly figure out how to live and work around COVID-19 concerns. Now, we have more of a sense of the landscape, of what we’re up against, so how do we keep moving forward? And how do we find things to be certain of? How do you keep the fun on your social feed when you’re not feeling it? How do you stay engaged with your customers when your mood is “blah.” How do you stay in the game when you’ve lost clients? And where are there still opportunities for growth for a salon professional?

We’re hearing from stylists and salon coaches who have made a career out of inspiring stylists and helping them find their way. Join us for a combination pep talk and real talk.

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