Peter Brokt @peterbroktdesign is a Eufora National Trainer who was inspired by nature—and them amped it up. He calls this look ELECTRIC ALOE.

Formula 1: Eufora Artisan Aloe Green

Formula 2: Two-part Eufora Artisan Aloe Green and one-part Artisan Teal Waters

Formula 3: Eufora Artisan Sunflower Yellow

Electric Aloe: Eufora Formula for a Neon Green
Electric Aloe: Eufora Formula for a Neon Green

1: Pre-Lighten hair to Level 9 (pale yellow). Shampoo twice and do not condition. Dry hair completely.

2: Mix three Eufora Artisan Direct Dye formulas for application.

3: Apply the three formulas using a quilted pull-through technique.

4: Do a global base (from the scalp, fading out about 2 inches onto the hair shaft) using Formula 1.

5: Create a 1.5-inch section along the bottom hairline starting at the front and following the hairline around the bottom back, finishing at the opposite front temple area (one section that follows the bottom hairline from temple to temple).

6: Starting in the center back, create a triangle sub-section that is 1.5-inches at the widest section of the triangle. Apply Formula 2 through the mid-shaft of the section and then Formula 1 from the mid-shaft to the ends. Blend the two formulas between your forefinger and thumb to “smudge” and remember to wipe your hand off on a clean towel prior to the next section.

7: Create an inverted triangle of the same size (next to your first section) and repeat the process by inverting each new triangle section (point up for one and then down for the next). For dimension, alternate application (apply Formula 1 to the mid-shafts and Formula 2 on the ends). Smudge the colors together and repeat alternating color sections to the top of the ear (in your original bottom section). Do this on both sides of the head.

8: Starting just in front of the ear, continue to create triangular sections, but start adding Formula 3. Remember that color looks best when lighter around the face so start by applying Formula 1 to the mid-shaft and Formula 3 on the ends (smudging the colors together). Make sure that Formula 3 is the dominant color on the hair shaft as you approach the face.

9: Continue to take 1.5-inch sub sections following your original parameter section until you reach the top of the head. Remember to make your panels lighter in the front to create a light face frame.

10: Once all sections and triangular sub-sections have been colored, process for a full 30 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly with cool water, starting in the back and rinsing the lighter sections last (this will help reduce bleeding onto your lighter sections). Do not shampoo the hair, simply rinse until the water runs clear.

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