Don't Fear the Beard: A Roundup of Our Best Beard Advice
Don't Fear the Beard: A Roundup of Our Best Beard Advice

Beard styles may come and go, but certain beard basics bear repeating.  This is a roundup of some of the best-read articles we've featured that talked about beard care and grooming. 

One article (6 Important Questions for a Beard Guru) features an interview with American Crew Educator, Adriana Fournier.  I had the pleasure of spending some time with her at a cool little barbershop in Southern California a couple years ago.  I love these two points she makes in this Q and A interview: 

Q: What is the biggest mistake stylists make when it comes to beard design and beard grooming? 

Adriana:  Sticking to one side of the client while working. I always move from side to side so I can see the beard from all angles. If you’re in a tight space in the salon or barber shop, you may need to move the client. That’s ok as long as you see it from the left and the right.

The other mistake is following the natural growth of the beard and just removing length. Remember, a beard is like a haircut—in fact it’s an extension of the haircut—in the sense that you must consider the face shape and symmetry. Ask yourself if the client needs to look taller, leaner, more masculine, and how you can create the angles, volume and proportion to achieve your goals.

Q: What are some of the biggest mistakes guys make when it comes to their own beards?

Adriana: They don’t understand the best beard shape for their face and they don’t use the right products. Regarding the former, a lot of guys use beard rulers to create the shape, but it shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. They should let their barber or stylist line them out, and then they can maintain the shape at home. Regarding products, it’s important to wash underneath the beard and scrub the beard. Use the Beard Foam Cleanser after showering because shampoo can actually collect in the beard. The cleanser will remove all buildup from shampoo and products.

Don't Fear the Beard: A Roundup of Our Best Beard Advice
Don't Fear the Beard: A Roundup of Our Best Beard Advice

Beard Basics

A Master Barber on Keeping Beards Looking and Smelling Their Best

 Hassan DeMarco is a second-generation Master Barber and salon owner from Philadelphia who inspires the next generation of barbers and men’s groomers.

Andis Launches GTX-EXO Cordless Trimmer

Features a sleek design that provides professionals advantages when working on intricate styles, including crystal-clear sight lines while perfecting any shape.

Golden Grooming's Beard Trim Bundle

Golden is co-owned by NFL great and former Detroit Lions All-Pro Herman Moore, who believes that good grooming is more than just self care – it is empowerment. 

Why Beards Smell and How to Neutralize Odor

This advice applies to barber, stylist and client, alike.  It comes from the Clubman brand, that iconic green bottle you see on every barber station.

The dreaded beard funk or moustache musk needs proper products and servicing, and here are some suggestions for both. 

Beard Trim Basics

Some tips and a video from Chelsea Green @seagreenehair.  This 2019 article on beard shaping has several key points to keep in mind when greeting some new gruff. 

Beard Care from Johnny B. 

First launched a few years ago, these products quickly became barbering musts for a chin that will win. 

Danny Amorim and Mike Sharrpp Offer Beard Tips

These two barbers offer some great tips for salon pros looking to service beards. 

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