It’s that season, when your blondies start to consider darker hues to match the cooler temperatures. Whether your clients are looking to adjust their looks to darker or gold blondes based on the season, or your already brunette clients are looking for new ways to keep their hair vibrant, healthy, and bold, we have the perfect formula you’ll want to keep in your back pocket. With the right treatment, stylists can deliver them with multifaceted looks that complete any style.

IGORA VIBRANCE, a demi-permanent formula from Schwarzkopf Professional, has formulas to compliment any color palette on your client list, from your most play-it-safe to your most adventurous. IGORA VIBRANCE’s new liquid formula has a one-to-one mixing ratio which allows for easier and faster mixing. Plus, the liquid demi offers a choice between Gel for ease or Cream for precision, depending on what type of service you’re providing. And the best part is, IGORA VIBRANCE matches the IGORA ROYAL line that you already know and love.

Jessica Scott (@jessicascotthair), a Schwarzkopf Professional Brand Ambassador and a stylist educator demonstrates her melt formula, which highlights the importance of toning blonde clients trying to go a little darker, how to best serve clients using IGORA VIBRANCE, and the difference a gloss service can make.

Jessica started with equal parts IGORA VIBRANCE colors 7-47 and 6-46, which are a muted gold, and muted gold chocolate and a 6 Vol lotion, which has a slightly stronger hold, longevity, and control. She emphasizes that when you’re doing root melting, especially if you’re covering lines of demarcation, you’ll want to go a level darker than your client’s base. This is because the hair is already a little wet which means it’s going to be a little diluted. Plus, if those demarcation lines are really pronounced, this darker shade will ensure a quality blend. Scott explains that knowing your color lines will help you decide the proper tone.

Scott starts her root melt at the top of the crown, leaving the front for last. She applies the toner to all the roots, being sure to saturate, but not transferring the color all the way to the ends. This is especially true for clients who have darker ends. Blending or melting using your fingers tends to give you a little more control, but using your color comb is also a good way to blend as well. The last step is to apply the toner to the roots at the front, focusing on a smaller section in the front to give a little less depth, and then combing that through to saturate.

Scott adds in a glaze or gloss service before she rinses, which adds shine and highlights the color. In order to achieve the glaze look, Scott switches to a gel and IGORA VIBRANCE 9-1. She spreads over the whole head and leaves in for 3-5 minutes.

IGORA VIBRANCE (Clear) is a non-pigmented service that offers instant shine with hair protection via AQUAXYL: a moisture protecting complex that stabilizes the hair’s inner moisture content. It can be used as a standalone gloss service, or as an after-color service to give an extra boost of shine, and requires no activator. It is also a great option to dilute any IGORA VIBRANCE shade to reduce depth and intensity, and to create pastel tones. The alcohol-free formula enriched with Vitamin B3 and B5 shields and evens the hair surface with vibrant shine.

The result is a beautiful, blended look that removes all brassiness, keeps the blonde look, but takes it darker for the season. You can see the difference that applying a glaze makes for the overall look.

Whatever your client needs, you’ll be sure to provide them with flexibility and convenience with IGORA VIBRANCE while highlighting the importance of the shine.

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