Hair by Matt Rez, @colorbymattrez

Hair by Matt Rez, @colorbymattrez

After shivering your way through seasons of icy cool blonde tones, get ready for a warming trend. More and more clients and stylists are exploring warmer blonde hair colors--tones like honey, caramel and golden blonde. Regardless of the base level, these trending hues are infusing ash and cool blondes with a sunny glow. Gold is the most light-reflecting so these new shades boost shine!

The new Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside Golden Level 10s offer controlled warmth for every base...

The new Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside Golden Level 10s offer controlled warmth for every base shade.

Three new Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside shades are bringing the sunshine in a modern way, with soft, golden light reflects and intense shine. Meet the new Golden Level 10s, a lineup of formulas that create balanced, healthy-looking blonde results:

  • 010NW/Iced Piña Bonder Inside. This warm neutral has a gold tone and a brown to tan background. It’s ideal for creating a warm, balanced blonde.
  • 010G/Lemon Icing Bonder Inside. This has a yellow tone and brown to tan background resulting in a soft, buttery blonde result.
  • 010WG/Honey Gold Bonder Inside. With its yellow/orange tone and brown to tan background, use this shade for an ultra-warm, honey blonde result.

Adrienne Dara, @adriennedara

After trying out the new Golden Level 10s, Redken Global Ambassador Adrienne Dara has become an instant fan. “I am over the moon about the 10WG,” she says. “Have you ever had a client who wants to be ultra-blonde, but her hair is super porous, which makes you nervous about the cooler aspects of the toner? Well now you can add 1/8 oz. of 10WG to your formula and wowza! Perfect results. For example, try this formula: 09V + 10WG + 10GI.”

Dara has also been experimenting with 010NW and discovered it’s a perfect addition to her beige formulas. “Think of it as a little punch that keeps your beiges bright and prevent them from appearing lifeless,” she says.

Because Shades EQ Bonder Inside has bonder built into the formula, pros can now tone and repair* in one step, allowing you to color with more confidence than ever before. The bonder helps strengthen and protect more than the leading bonding additive** for a stronger hair fiber,* leaving hair feeling healthy and soft. Formulated with a Triple Acid Complex of Citric Acid, Taurine and Erythorbic Acid, the bonding actives help reduce residual alkalinity post service and help repair* weak bonds for added strength and intense shine. Using bonder at every step of a lightening service with Redken's Bonder Inside products--Flash Lift Bonder Inside, Shades EQ Bonder Inside and Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo & Conditioner--results in up to 77% less breakage.***


Ready to see some real life golden blonde results using the new Golden Level 10s? Here’s a look at work from four artists who are going for the gold!


A post shared by MATT REZ (@colorbymattrez)

Honey Gold by Matt Rez, @colorbymattrez

Rez lifted this base shade to a level 8.5, then toned with Shades EQ 10WG. “I wanted to embrace and accentuate the warmth at the highest level, so the pops of light stayed bright, but intentionally warm,” he says. “With 10WG there’s no need to dilute to get the highest level of warmth.”


Caramel Blonde by Daniel Mora, @danielmbeauty

Mora used 10WG to tone these highlights to a balanced, caramel tone that really stands out against a brunette base. “My prayers have been answered,” says Mora. “Redken is dropping major *fuego* with these three, stunning new warm shades.”



A post shared by Rachel Redd (@rachel_redd)

Iced Lemon Blonde by Rachel Redd, @rachel_redd

After toning this hair with Shades 010G, Redd was ecstatic with the results. “Gold and golden tones have long been considered brassy,” says Redd, “but honestly a warm tone is often more complimentary to many skin tones. This shade is ideal for balancing deeper tones and textured hair that tends to pull warm. It produces a flattering warm shade that’s not brassy.”


Butter Blonde by Philip Foresto, @philipforesto

Foresto lifted this base with Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 20-volume developer, then toned with Shades EQ Bonder Inside equal parts 010G + 010VG. He finished with a root tap using Shades EQ 06N to add dimension. “The result,” says Foresto, “is pure sunshine.”

Summer Blonde by Philip Foresto, @philipforesto

Combining Shades EQ 010G with 010VV was the perfect way to balance these warm highlights. “I was really happy with how well the gold is controlled,” says Foresto. “Once again Redken has added another banger lineup to the Shades EQ collection. They make coloring hair so much fun!”

Toffee Blonde by Rachel Redd, @rachel_redd

Toffee Blonde by Rachel Redd, @rachel_redd

Here, Redd explores the balancing results of the Golden Level 10s with Redken’s AG series. A mixture of 2 oz. 010G + 2 oz. 10AG produces a toffee melt that warms up the hair and skin.

Want to get your hands on the new Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside Golden Level 10s?  Why wouldn’t you? We could all use a bit more sunshine about now! Get the shades here!

*vs. without Shades EQ Bonder Inside
**Flash Lift + competitor additive & Shades EQ Gloss + competitor additive vs. Flash Lift Bonder Inside & Shades EQ Bonder Inside
***When using Flash Lift Bonder Inside, Shades EQ Bonder Inside and Acidic Bonding Concentrate vs Redken’s leading lightener without bonder



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