Creative Director: Teresa Romero

Hair: Becka Bradshaw

Photographer: Nico Nordstrom...

Creative Director: Teresa Romero

Hair: Becka Bradshaw

Photographer: Nico Nordstrom Obsidian and Blush

Michi Lafary Obsidian and Blush

Leticia Tapia and Delia DeLeon

 Nico Nordstrom Obsidian and Blush

The pixie haircut has been an enduring classic ever since Vidal Sassoon took his shears to Mia Farrow and created this gorgeous, timeless style.  

Teresa Romero, creative director for Sam Villa, says of this look, “Simplicity blended with precision is today's polished elegance. Fine hair that’s naturally straight to moderately wavey is soft, flowing and head hugging. An ideal texture for this quintessential pixie.”

This go-to haircut can be worn by many personalities and face shapes, the customization is reflected through texturing. 


  • Keep cutting sections thin and precise.
  • Avoid excessive over direction.
  • Save texturing for when hair is dry for maximum refinement.

“Since fine hair is already visually soft and hugs the head, it’s important to texturize with a plan. Deliberate point cuts in a “V” shape across the top and in the fringe will create movement and depth, while random point cuts create soft floating pieces,” adds Romero.

How To Cut a Fine Hair Pixie

  1. Use Sam Villa Signature Series 5.75” Shears on damp hair and starting behind the right ear, use diagonal back sections to elevate hair 90°. Fingers should mirror the section line. Allow hair to remain 2 to 3” long. 
  2. Working with a traveling guide, repeat sections until just past the center back. 
  3. Repeat the process at the left back of the ear.
  4. Using vertical sections through the crown and sides, blend with hair behind ears. 
  5. On the top, elevate hair straight up and blend to the sides and crown. 
  6. Leave a longer fringe to soften and highlight eyes or create drama with micro fringe.  
  7. Air dry with Redken One United Leave-In Conditioner or blow dry with a Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer and Redken Big Blowout for volume and texture. 

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