Ana Remon, Ulta Beauty Elite Stylist and Design Team Member

Ana Remon, Ulta Beauty Elite Stylist and Design Team Member

It wasn't long ago that Miami-based stylist Ana Remon (@anitabeautypage) found her deep passion for hair. After only six years of working at the chair at her local Ulta Beauty, Remon brings in over $130,000 per year as an Elite Stylist and holds a coveted spot on the Ulta Beauty Design Team. That means she gets to travel the country to work on exciting hair projects, including photoshoots, education events, and hair and fashion shows with a close-knit team of talented Ulta stylists like herself.

Remon loves getting to show her skills and creativity around the U.S., but nothing beats servicing her regulars and working with her store team back at home in Miami. Here's what a day in Ana Ramon's life is like as an Ulta Beauty Elite Stylist:

A Day in the Life of Ana Ramon


8:00 am: I wake up to my alarm, but I really don’t get up from bed until 8:15 (or even 8:20 sometimes) because I look at my phone and catch up a little with social media.

8:25 am: By this time I must be in the shower to start getting ready for work. (Fun fact: I must shower every single morning. If not, I feel like I don’t wake up properly. This is as important as my coffee!)

9:00 am: I am hair- and makeup-ready. Yes, I get ready fast when I go in to work, but don’t ask me to be that fast if we are going out at night on a weekend!

9:10 am: I just have some Cuban coffee and leave for work. I usually don’t have any heavy breakfast; my coffee is enough for me.

9:15 am: I get in my car to start heading to the store and on the way, I talk on the phone with my boyfriend because he goes to work very early, so I don’t get to see him in the morning when I wake up.

9:45 am: I make it to the store and set up my station before my clients come in, and I look at how my books are looking for the day. I have a touchbase with my manager to let her know the plan for the day.

10:00 am - 1:30 pm: I take clients depending on the services I have scheduled for the day, and I do my best to have some lunch before the afternoon rush kicks in.

2:00 pm: This is a sacred time at the salon. We make some espresso for ourselves and the clients, and they love it.

4:00 pm: This is usually the time that I will start with my last client, but of course it changes depending on the services.

6:30 - 7:00 pm: I should be finishing up, cleaning and making sure everything is organized and ready for the next day.

7:30 pm: I get home; thankfully I live not too far from the store, but I will pss the time driving either listening to music or catching up with friend on the phone.

8:00 pm: This is a fun time trying to figure out with my boyfriend what are we eating for dinner. Even though he is good at following a diet, I am not, so I’ll always crave something that is not the healthiest.

8:30 pm: Take another shower to decompress from the day, and catch up with my boyfriend as we both talk about our days.

9:00 pm: We try to be in bed by this time. Since he works very early in the morning and falls asleep very fast, this is my time to work on my social media and get up to date with my Netflix shows.

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