Brittany Prater, Ulta Beauty Elite Stylist and Design Team Member 

Brittany Prater, Ulta Beauty Elite Stylist and Design Team Member

Working at Ulta Beauty as an Elite Stylist is a lucrative career--many Ulta Elite Stylists achieve six figures each year. But did you know that the job offers even more exciting opportunities? For example, the Elite Stylist status qualifies stylists to apply for a spot on Ulta's award winning Design team when auditions come around.

Brittany Prater​ ( is one such member of the Design Team, which means she gets to travel the country for special projects, photoshoots, education, and events. She loves her fulfilling career so much that we wanted to see what a day in her busy life is like, particularly when she's working on a shoot! Join us as we explore a Design Team day in Brittany Prater's life:

4:30am: Time to wake up! Photoshoot days often have early call times. I like to give myself plenty of time to catch up on my socials before getting ready. 

6:00am: Dressed, ready, and out the door! One of the cool things about traveling for work is spotting local coffee spots while walking to set. 

6:30am: Time to grab breakfast. We always have the yummiest catering on set, including tons of plant-based options for vegetarian/vegans like me. The chia seed pudding is my favorite! 

7:45am: Team meeting. We always have a meeting before we get started that helps us create an action plan for working on models and how we can support each other. This is such an important part for our team collaboration. 

8:00am: Models arrive, let’s get to work! 

11:00am: Time to check in! There are a lot of moving parts to these photoshoots. Checking in with production, marketing, makeup, wardrobe, etc., is the best way to keep things running smoothly. 

12:00pm: Lunch Time! The vegan brownies are a must.

12:30: And…we are back to work! One of our photoshoot product must-haves is mousse. Prepping the models with mousse in the morning ensures our styling lasts ALL day. 

2:00pm: To maximize our time with the photographer, we will often do a style and a set change for the second half of the day. This helps us get different combinations of looks to use. 

3:30pm: Time to run out and pick up some supplies. We often will need certain products or accessories we didn’t plan for. Having a local Ulta Beauty close by is so helpful for last minute extras!

4:00pm: Snack Time, and yes…more coffee! 

5:00pm: Polishing last looks, taking hairpins and extensions out so models can head home. 

6:00pm: That’s a wrap! These are some of my favorite work days filled with teamwork, learning, and seeing work on screen that we can be so proud of. 

7:30pm: Time to catch a flight home. I love spending time with my team, they are like my second family. There is something so magical about flying through the clouds and hearing the pilot say… “Welcome to San Diego, folks.” Can’t wait for the next adventure! 

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