After receiving several emails about at-home lash extension kits, I was interested in getting a professional’s take on the practice.  Naturally, my impulse is to point someone to a salon for a lash extension service, but I needed to support my position with informed reasons—and that’s where Andrea Bucci comes in.

Lash Artist Andrea Bucci

Lash Artist Andrea Bucci

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I’ve walked out of Bucci’s salon, The Art of Lash and Brow in Monrovia, CA, with a beautiful and full lash line that looks natural, feels weightless, and lasts for a surprisingly long time.

But living in California, I’ve felt the impact of inflation and I do my best to economize to offset high-costs and would never criticize someone looking to find a way to save money.

To get the conversation started, I asked Bucci what she would say to someone who said they could use an at-home eyelash extension kit and get similar results to an in-salon extension service.

A Pro’s Take on DIY Lash Extensions

“I’d look at a few things if they’re comparing DIY vs done-by-a pro,” Bucci says. “I’d ask them about their motivation: are they trying to save money? If it’s about money, it really doesn’t end up being less expensive. 

“Many kits come in at around $99 and then you’ll need to continue purchasing, at that same price, pretty regularly if you want to keep a full lash line.” 

For a first time visit to Bucci, she typically charges $300, and fills are $120.  “And because of the adhesive I use and my experience with application, the lashes are going to last much longer.”

But Bucci’s biggest argument against a DIY experience for extensions is her concern for safety. “These are your eyes, and you only get two of them,” she says. “My clients have done the research, and they care about what goes near their eyes, what goes on their skin, and what they use regularly.  

“These DIY adhesives aren’t waterproof, and you’re discouraged from wetting the lashes but I tell all my clients to wash their lashes every day to remove debris and bacteria and they’re able to because of what I use and how they’re applied.”

Another consideration is the risk of hair loss; with eyelash extensions which are individually placed on each hair, lashes can grow, rest and shed naturally.  A potenttial risk with at-home kits and DIY application, Bucci points out, is that the fibers that make up the lashes may be too heavy to be attached to your own lashes. Some users report experiencing traction alopecia, a type of hair loss that occurs when there is excessive tension and weight on the hair follicles.

Andrea Bucci designed the gorgeous lash look for influencer Oliva June (@theoliviajune).

Andrea Bucci designed the gorgeous lash look for influencer Oliva June (@theoliviajune).

Final Word

There are many steps involved in a professional application—some that we may not even be aware of as we lay there, enjoying our lash nap—and they all contribute to ensuring a safe, healthy extension service.

“As a licensed professional, we’ve done many hours of training, we’ve passed a State Board exam, and we do ongoing training to be current and knowledgeable in our field," Bucci concludes. "There is so much that goes into being a good lash artist.

"Ultimately,  I would recommend against using one of these kits—but if you do, don’t leave the lashes on for longer than a day.”

About Andrea Bucci and The Art of Lash and Brow  

Andrea Bucci is an Advanced Trained Novalash Certified Lash Extentionist and the owner of The Art of Lash & Brow. Always on the edge of the newest techniques and products; she has been training future eyelash technicians since 2015. Along with being a certified extentionist, she is also a Certified Makeup Artist and Licensed Esthetician.

For appointments: (626) 367-0883


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