2024 is on its way and we’re celebrating another great year here at NAILS. We determined another amazing winner of our 10th annual edition of NAILS’ Next Top Nail Artist, and we named our first ever Nail Artist of the Year at the MODERN SALON 100 celebration. These highlights made us curious as to what you, our readers, enjoyed most this year on nailsmag.com.

In the wake of an exciting year, we’re wrapping up with a ranked list of the top articles we posted in 2023, including all things trends, career advice, and talented artists. We found it delightful that all seasons were represented through their respective nail trends within the list, giving us a real taste of the year as a whole. Enjoy this countdown, and subscribe to our email newsletter for more NAILS content in the new year!


10. NYFW Nails: Morgan Taylor Designs Nails at Rodarte


Our friends at Morgan Taylor slayed the runway at the February 2023 NYFW Rodarte show, with nails designed by MT team lead Danielle Candido. The black stiletto nails certainly made a bold impact at the show, complimenting the Rodarte fashion perfectly.





9. Winter 2023 Nail Trend Alert: Aurora Nails


As the most recent article on this list, it's not hard to see how this trend made it into the top 10. Aurora nails are the perfect winter aesthetic, evoking the northern lights. The nails shared in this article are mesmerizing.




8. SLIDESHOW: Spring on the Tips


Every year during the late days of winter, we long for the first bit of spring. We thought the perfect way to celebrate the new season would be to share a slideshow of beautiful spring nail designs from our Instagram community, and you all delivered.




7. @zeesnaillab's Take on 2023 Fall Nail Trends


Talented UK nail artist Zashae Reid shared with us her favorite trends of fall 2023 along with some of her own examples. We loved her unique and expressive nails, and it looks like our readers did as well.





6. How Do I Know If I'm Ready to Go Into a Salon Suite?


Friend of NAILS Naja Dev contributes super informative and helpful articles to the site every so often, and this one must have struck a chord for some readers looking to make a change. Naja Dev is a celebrity manicurist and beauty business coach who loves sharing her knowledge with the nail community.






5. Nailing Hollywood: A Dedicated Agency for On-Set Nail Artists


Celebrity manicurist Mazz Hanna took the time to tell us all about her nail artist-specific agency, Nailing Hollywood. This article was designed to help nail techs explore tons of exciting career options outside of the salon, including editorial photoshoots, ad campaigns, celebrities, red carpets, movies and TV, and more. CEO Hanna and her team provide nail artists with the support they need to be treated fairly while working on set.


4. Ravishing Red Recommendations: The Best Red Polishes for Valentine’s Day


During the Valentine's season, we wanted to make sure our readers were armed with the best red polishes from our favorite brands. As we all know, red comes in its own rainbow of shades and finishes, so we took it a step further and separated them into categories.





3. 14 Non-boring Valentine’s Day Nail Designs for 2023


To compliment the Ravishing Reds article, we posted some of the community's most unique Valentine's Day nail art. This one was for the techs with clients who were bored of the same old heart designs - we hope it helped!




2. Are UV Nail Lamps Safe? How to Explain to Concerned Clients


Rumors were circulating again earlier this year that UV gel lamps can cause cancer, concerning many gel-loving clients. We published this article, with explanations and data from beauty industry scientist Doug Schoon, to give nail techs ideas on how to quell their clients' fears.






1. Summer 2023 Nail Trends: Barbiecore and Mermaids Galore

And finally, landing at #1 was this report on the top summer nail trends of 2023. Nail trends were largely impacted by the year's summer blockbuster movies, including Barbie and The Little Mermaid. Other trends inlcuded watermelon, chrome, and watercolor effects. Judging by how obsessed the world was with these nail trends, we're not surprised this article made it to #1!

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