In this month, that celebrates relationships with candy hearts, flowers and one-on-one romantic commitment ,we can sometimes feel let down or left out; judged or judgmental in how we see this holiday. So, this month I offer you this bit of wisdom, start by loving yourself and what’s meant for you will come to you.

How you ask? First consider, what does LOVE mean to you?

And, what do you want from your relationships?

My husband and I have been together for more than 30 years, and I can share that we have both changed a LOT in those three decades. We have moved many times, sometime cross-country. We have left careers, been fired from jobs, started several businesses and closed many chapters. We have also raised an awesome young man who’s kind and thoughtful.

In all that time, somehow we have managed to stay sane and stay together. So, to me, love means sharing core values, common goals, compromise, time apart, honesty, trust, and most importantly, love means being able to laugh at yourself and each other.


Ultimately, living a life of love means wanting what’s best for the other person while protecting what is best for you. Know yourself and what is important to you, and align yourself with others who see you and have similar goals, interests and hobbies.

LOVE begins with you having an open heart and coming from a place of knowing that you have capacity to love many people once you love yourself. Then, you have the capacity to give the gift of love in simple ways such as a smile, in a hug, and by being a good listener. To be more loving we need to shift our heart to a loving place and give others grace.

Cheers to more LOVE.  


About the Author: Mary Wilson has been a beauty industry pro for 40 years and has contributed in many arenas including marketing, sales, education, communication and presentation skills. She has always believed the very best way to find success is to create beauty and to share your talents with your trusted clients while maintaining your own physical and emotional health. In addition to being a beauty industry leader,  Mary has been a certified yoga teacher for the past 10 years and leads wellness retreats and teaches yoga, breath work and energy healing.   Her next retreat is in March 2024 in Palm Springs, CA and its almost sold out! Learn more at www.destinationrejuvenation.com/

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Originally posted on Salon Today