Try this rich, shiny look on clients looking for warmer, deeper shades this fall after a summer of sunny highlights. Clairol Design Team Member Edgardo Escribano did the cut and style and Clairol Design Team Member Paula Abrantes did the color—both from the Adam Broderick Salon in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

1. Begin with the color. Using Clairol Professional Premium Crème Demi Permanente, blend 6N and 8N (equal parts with dedicated developer) to create a medium blonde. Apply on clean, damp hair.
2. Blend up the back of the head, applying from root to end in ½-inch sections.
3. Continue to the front of the head.
4. Comb through to ensure even distribution. Saturation is key. Process according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Shampoo and condition.
5. Begin the cut in the front. Direct strands forward and lift. Razor cut using a shear, cutting to blend.
6. Then lower the elevation and cut to blend.
7. Now lift up the entire top section above the rounds from a halo parting. Cut to blend.
8. Return to the back and pull out thin vertical sections. Cut using the shear as a razor from mid section, cutting to leave long layers. Blend from ear to ear.
9. Comb the hair down as it is to be worn. Chip into the ends to cut to blend.
10. For the first look, direct hair to one side and pin for an asymmetrical ponytail.
11. For the fashion show finish, the hair is wrapped vertically in a large barrel iron.
12. Sections are pinned up while others are left cascading.

Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Make-up: David Maderich for Halley Resources and
Fashionstyling: Carlton Jones,, fashions courtesy Cesar Galindo

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