Alterna recently launched its 1-Night Highlights temporary color mousse and I got the chance to demo it on some of my willing co-workers! Scroll down for the quick video I made for you to see how it works.

Step one: Pick the color you wish to use. Shimmering Blonde, Ravishing Red or Sweet Caramel.
Step two: Attach the comb to the bottle.
Step three: Give the bottle a few shakes.
Step four: Squeeze the mousse through the bristles.
Step five: Comb the mousse through the section (Tip: Detangle the hair first!)
Step six: Let the product dry, then brush out the excess mousse.
Step seven: Show off your new highlights!

Quick Demo of Alterna's 1-Night HighlightsI had so much fun putting the highlights on my coworkers. Debbie found the Ravishing Red was great for camoflauging her gray outgrowth, Lauren, pictured here, loved the color as a fun way to add some punch to her Level 3 brunette hair, and my mannequin (in the video) unfortunatly looks like Frankenstein hair with all the highlights I put on her. BUT, what a great way to introduce color to a fearful client! Or, as a way to see if she can pull off ombre highlights or red peek-a-boos!

Visit Alterna's website for more information!

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