It's not uncommon for colorists and clients to take a step outside into the sun to see the true results after a color service. In this light, you can really spot dimensional color, highs and lows, and tones. It was this "spotlight effect" that inspired TIGI US Technical Director Richy Kandasamy when this red was designed. The vision? To create a luxurious, elegant red as if the hair were always under a spotlight.

The Artist
Richy Kandasamy
TIGI US Technical Director

All mixing ratios are 1:1.5 using TIGI Copyright Colour
Formula 1: Creative 77/66 + Activator 20-volume/6%
Formula 2: Mix Master /66 + Activator 30-volume/9%
Formula 3: Mix Master /66 + Activator 20-volume
Formula 4: Mix Master /66 + Mix Master /44 + Activator 20-volume
Step 1: Comb hair in natural fall and work from a center part. Starting about 2 inches back from the center forehead, take two diagonal-back partings to create an elongated diamond section in the crown. Take a C-parting from center forehead to the nape. Take another C-parting on the opposite side, this time from center forehead to behind ear.
Step 2: Begin at nape. Using horizontal sections, apply Formula 1 to base. Once the section is completed, clip up hair.
Step 3: In the C-section, take a diagonal-back slice. Apply Formula 1 to base. Twist the slice tightly from base to ends. Apply Formula 3 all the way around the twist from base to ends. Repeat the procedure throughout both C-sections, then twist together to secure.
Step 4: Working in the elongated diamond, apply Formula 1 to base. Then blend Formula 2 on mid-lengths and ends of remaining hair and place on a meche strip.
Step 5: Process 35 minutes. At the shampoo basin, apply Formula 4 over the C-sections and process for 10-15 minutes.


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