New Aloxxi Director of Sales Sees a Colorful 2014

Melinda Taylor, Director of Sales for Aloxxi, joined the team in September and has hit the ground running.

 “Melinda has a reputation for her decisive, dynamic nature, efficient management skills and dedication to each task she’s given.  We are thrilled to welcome her to our Aloxxi Family,” says Myriam Clifford, Managing Director of Aloxxi.  “Her knowledge of the industry coupled with her track record for success will be an asset to the team.”

 Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Taylor feels she has found a home at Aloxxi.  

“I was looking for a place where superior products and quality client services were interwoven with an atmosphere of professional camaraderie and the opportunity to help build a brand. I believe I have found it all at Aloxxi,” says Taylor. 

 Prior to Aloxxi, Taylor was with Alterna as their Director of Sales and Education.  She took some time to speak with MODERN SALON about what she and Aloxxi have planned for 2014.

  What do you think hairdressers need to know about Aloxxi?

Our company is truly focused on building the stylist.  We’re doing that with an amazing concept of the color personalities.  We want customers to say “I want to be a Roman Goddess.” It really brings back the art of hairdressing.

  What is Aloxxi doing to set itself apart?

We’re bringing back the salon experience for the consumer and we’re coaching stylist on providing outstanding customer service.  At the schools, they are focused on teaching technique, which is great, but we all know that even if someone messed up my hair but I had a great experience, I’ll speak well of that salon.

We want to be the Nordstrom’s of the salon world.  They come from behind the counter, they write a thank you note, everyone there is invested in delivering excellent customer service.

 What does it mean to have George Schaeffer at the helm?

Unreal.  When I flew in to meet with the team, I got to meet George and his passion and how much he truly cares about the customer convinced me that this was the place for me.  He’s always asking, what does the stylist need, what does our distributor need?  And he loves to be entrepreneurial and take risks.  At the end of the day, if something doesn’t work, he is fine with going back to the board and trying something else.

  What do you and Aloxxi have planned for 2014?

It will be expanding our customer base and ensuring customer satisfaction.  Also making sure our message is really clear to the stylist on what we’re doing with our color personalities. 

 I think that if we get the message clear to the stylist so they communicate to their client, hey, you’re a Roman Goddess, that client is going to announce that to all her friends and then they are going to want to be a Roman Goddess.

 We’re also going to have a lot of fun.  At our core is a celebration of food, fashion, fun and family.  The laughter is the key to our business. We have fun time scheduled on our Outlook calendars every Wednesday.  One day someone brought in all these props and took pictures of all of us. Another time we had a wine tasting. 

 I have never seen a team like this in all my years.  The Aloxxi team is passionate and committed to supporting the professional beauty industry. And I’m so happy to be part of it.


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