3 No-fail Techniques to Help Increase Sales/Client RetentionTiffany Conway, Guest Artist on the Goldwell North American Artistic Team, offered SALON TODAY these tips to stylists and salon owners to help them increase sales/client retention.

Conway specializes in salon business geared towards the individual stylist by combining practical business building concepts with commercial cut and color techniques. She is also the owner of CoCo Cheveux Salon.

TIP #1: When it comes to increasing sales and retaining clients, you can’t underestimate the importance of consistency. Consistency can make or break your business. It is one thing to offer great services and amenities for your clients, but ultimately if you do not follow through and consistently deliver at an optimum level, you will create disappointment. In today’s market, clients have more choices then ever for their salon and hair care needs, and most are hesitant to risk anything but a “sure thing”. It’s vitally important that you are meeting or exceeding your client’s expectations 10 out of 10 times that they visit your salon.

The way to ensure consistency is to implement systems. At CoCo Cheveux we have systematic approach to how we do everything from greeting the client, to how to give a perfect consultation. Each team member is well trained in each of the systems to ensure not only consistency for the client from visit to visit, but also consistency from stylist to stylist. As an industry, we have systems for how to approach a haircut, or foil placement, but we tend to drop the ball when it comes to systems for the client experience. Implementing a few simple concepts can go a long way to increase your client retention and loyalty.

TIP #2: Clients have more salon choices than ever, and with sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook, your competition is only a click away. So, in addition to having great consistency, it is important to offer services and amenities that set you apart. At CoCo Cheveux, a favorite amongst our clients is the shampoo experience. We have a separate room for shampooing, and clients are treated to a warm towel under the neck, lavender aromatherapy, soft music, and wonderful head massage. By taking the extra step to make the shampoo experience exceptional, it sets us apart from the competition by adding extra value to the haircut or color service.

We also offer our clients the opportunity to “upgrade” their service by adding on one of our premium products or express services. Upon check in they are handed a menu with a list of possible upgrade options. This also assists the stylist in the consultation by prepping the client with possible options to make it easier for the stylist to bring up the topic. Clients really appreciate having the option of express services and also being aware of possible upgrades.

TIP #3: Retail = Retention. Stylists often underestimate the value of retail as a gauge for long term retention of your client. When a client purchases retail, they are letting the stylist know that they trust in what they say, but recommending retail to your client is not only about teaching them how to take care of their hair. When your client purchases retail from you, they think of you every time they use that hairspray, or shampoo. Ever have a certain fragrance of hairspray that reminds you of your first job, or a certain time in your life? Having your clients purchase retail keeps you in front of their mind everyday in between appointments. And by staying in their view, you have more chance of getting them back in your chair.



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