The Fashion Week ponytail strikes again, but Guido, Redken Creative Consultant, created a sleek, powerful pony that enhanced the overall look.

Guido placed extensions in the hair before pulling back into a mid level ponytail which he then flat ironed and cut blunt. "A bit of a departure from previous seasons," says Guido. "In the past the hairstyles were easier, softer and more natural. A sort of 90's minimalism inspired me, so the hair is simple with blunt lines. Hair extensions were used to create a very long fake ponytail that resembles the same thickness and consistency of a horse's tail. There is certainly an intended element of artificiality to the hair."

HOW TO: Sleek Ponytail By Guido For Bottega Veneta


STEP 1: Apply Redken's align 12 protective straightening lotion on damp hair.

STEP 2: Blow dry hair with natural bristle brush.

STEP 3: Comb hair back into a tight ponytail and fasten with an elastic.

STEP 4: Wrap hair extensions around the ponytail.

STEP 5: Spray Redken's ron shape 11 finishing thermal spray on ponytail.

STEP 6: Use a flatiron to make the hair stick straight.

STEP 7: Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the ponytail to conceal extensions.

STEP 8: Use pins to secure wrap.

STEP 9: Spray Redken's forceful 23 super strength finishing spray to clean up any flyaways.

Photography: Greg Kessler for Redken

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