All About Eyes: The Ultimate Challenges

As the saying goes “eyes are the windows to the soul.” Keep your clients’ peepers looking healthy and youthful with tips from experts on treating, concealing and reviving eyes.

All About Eyes: The Ultimate ChallengesCHALLENGE

Short/Thin Lashes

CAUSES: Inheritance, mistreatment of the lash base

EXPERT: Sophia Navarro, NovaLash Eyelash Extensions Educator and Reed Cromwell, the VP of product development, Auraline Beauty

Solution 1: Adjust your mascara application technique

STEP 1: Start with a clean eyelash curler. Then heat with a blow dryer or hot water.

STEP 2: As if you were using a curling iron, press and hold the curler onto the lashes for approximately three seconds for optimal curl.

STEP 3: Finish with a lengthening mascara designed to separate the lashes and elongate the eye.

Solution 2: Lash extensions

Eyelash extensions not only offer length and volume but can also create the illusion of larger-looking and sultry eyes. The shape, color, size and density of the extensions allow for a variety of instant results.

All About Eyes: The Ultimate ChallengesCHALLENGE

Patchy Brows

CAUSES: Inheritance, over-tweezing, threading or waxing

EXPERT: Malynda Vigliotti, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar, NY

Solution: Powder vs. Pencil

Opt for a powder when creating a more natural look. Use a pencil for definition and a denser finish.

Step 1: Use a shade slightly lighter than the brow to fill in any holes.

Step 2: Use a darker shade to clean up the lines and tail of the brow.

Step 3: Finish with a clean brow brush to blend together.

All About Eyes: The Ultimate ChallengesCHALLENGE

Undereye Circles/ Crows Feet

CAUSES: Inheritance, lack of sleep, lack of moisture, consumption of salty foods and liquor

EXPERT: Lydia Sarfati, founder of Repêchage

Solution 1: Cover Up

Use a multi-purpose concealer that not only disguises eye imperfections but also treats the skin. Look for a product that specifically features soothing and inflammatory properties to de-puff the eye area.

Solution 2: Short Term

For clients looking for immediate relief, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with an intense moisturizing eye mask. An at-home, 10-minute treatment will replenish and revive tired looking eyes in between salon and spa visits.

Solution 3: Long Term

Add an eye cream with retinol to your client’s skin care regimen. A high performance retinoid will help regenerate skin cells to strengthen against fine lines and related signs of aging.

Client don’ts: Rub eyes, leave eye make-up on overnight, use dirty make-up brushes

Client dos: Use a tapping motion with ring finger to apply eye products, wear sunglasses that protect against UVA/

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