COLOR CORRECTION: From Brassy Orange to Tawny Brunette

Los Angeles colorist and stylist Sema Conde takes us through a step-by-step color correction from brassy orange to a tawny brunette--PLUS styling! Brassy hair is no joke; here is how she fixed one client's orange-hued hair.


STEP 1: Base is Redken Cover Fusion 6NA + 15vol, two inches out.

STEP 2: Six lowlights on each side with Redken Cover fusion 6NA + 9vol, then Redken Cover Fusion 6N + 9vol mid-section, ends out.

STEP 3: Balayage with 40vol.


STEP 1: Blow out with no brush, 100 percent dry.

STEP 2: Smooth ends with a flat iron in big sections.

STEP 3: Use a 1-inch curling iron to curl the root and leave the ends out.

Gloss if you need to; Conde didn't have to. To see more of Sema Conde's work, check out her Instagram account.

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