FORMULA HOW-TO: From Major Outgrowth  to Major Radiance

Frank Diaz (Frankd322 on Instagram) from Salon Beauty Bar in Sherman Oaks, CA had a client with six months of outgrowth and a starting natural color of Level 5.  He brought her back to a beautiful wheat blonde that left both of them smiling.  Here's how he did it:


Step 1: Mix LOREAL PROFESSIONNEL INOA HAIRCOLOR, 9.01 with 20vol. It was applied from the line of demarcation to 1/2 inch and processed for 10 min. Then he went in and applied a fresh batch of the same formula and applied it to the remaining 1/2 inch and processed it for 35 minutes at room temperature. While the color was processing, he mixed one packet of "LP Effasol " with 15 vol and let it process for the remaining time. This was used to precleanse her mids and ends.

Step 2: He washed the hair with INOA POST color shampoo and conditioned with LP INTENSE REPAIR then dried.

Step 3: He sectioned the hair into 4 sections. 2 front parietal ridge and in the back divided the hair in half, above the occipital and below the occipital.

Step 4: He proceeded to Balayage using L'Oreal Professionnel " PLATINIUM PLUS" with 30vol Nutri developer and as he moved to the front, sides of the head (parietal), he used a fresh batch of PLATINIUM PLUS with 40 vol Nutri Developer. Starting in the back, taking horizontal from ear to ear, he began painting, feathering his lightener at the root area and taking it wider towards the ends.  There was an "1 inch" in between each subsection. He also made sure to place cotton underneath each painted strand , isolating each sub section with plastic wrap to prevent any 'marbleising' (bleeding). This was processed for 45 min, at room temperature.

Step 5: Rinsed and shampoo with LP's " INOA POST shampoo. Then towel dried. And proceeded to glaze the hair with an acidic Demi permanent, LP "DIA LIGHT" 1/2  9.12 and 1/2 clear with 6 vol DiaActivateur. This was processed at the shampoo bowl for 15 min.

Step 6: Shampoo LP's " LUMINO CONTRAST" and conditioned with LP " POWERDOSE CONTRAST" in salon treatment. Then dry and styled with MYTHIC OIL.

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