Phillip Ring   (@phildoeshair) had a fun opportunity. Kyradaan came in with a specific haircut and color request: "She wanted a short Sassoon Bob that was yellow and black like a bumblebee. She also has been growing out a faux hawk so we knew it was going to be short." Kyradaan's previous orange shade was Wella Blondor with a Wella ColorTouch RELIGHTS orange glaze. Here Ring shares the HOW TO:

  Step 1:   Split the hair down the center. To the right side, apply the Black shade: Wella Koleston 2/0 and 10 volume.

  Step    2:  To th e left side, apply Wella Blondor with 30 volume.

 Step 3:  While processing, continue to reapply lightener to the left side to lift completely.

 Step 4:  Once processed, shampoo each side separately.

 Step  5: Appl y to Black side: Colortouch RELIGHTS /00 and 6 volume to seal in the black so it won't bleed onto the yellow.

Step 6: To the opposite side, apply  AVEDA yellow pure pigment with 5 volume.

Step 7: Process for 25 minutes and then rinse. The key with washing this is to make sure that the client turns her head sideways in the bowl (so that the water from each one doesn't stain or bleach the other side) as you rinse and shampoo and condition each side on its own through the entire process.

To style: Cocktail Wella Flowing Form and Wella Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir and apply to the hair. "It will give incredible lightweight shine and leave the hair feeling unbelievable," says King.

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