Chris Weber (@chrisweberhair) a hairstylist at the Barbarella Hair salon, Vancouver, posted this gorgeous color design that caught our eye on instagram.


We tracked him down to get the HOW TO:


Natural/Starting level: Natural color is a 3/0 and her hair had been bleached to a medium green from a previous color (done about 3 months earlier.)

Prepare formulas:

formula 1: silver for mids to ends: Wella Color Touch 8/81 & 10/6 1:1 with 1.9% 
formula 2: root shade: Wella Color Touch 3/0 with 1.9%

Step 1: Apply first to bleach out all the ends, lifting to a level 10 ( her color lifted already pretty white). Apply color to  the back and work forward. Once processed, dry hair completely.
Step 2: Apply formula 1 to tone the hair.
Step 3: Process for 10 minutes and then dry completely.
Step 4: Blend formula 2 to the root area, maintaing some of existing turquoise shadow from previous color. 
Step 5: Process for 10 minutes and then rinse.  



Previous hair color.


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