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Miriam Ortega (@studio410artonhair), owner and hair artist of Studio 410, Dallas, Texas, sent MODERN this amazing transformation that we had to share.

"This color correction on my gorgeous client Daniella, was a tough one," Ortega says. "She had not had a cut or color in over a year. You can only imagine how her hair must have felt! More than her hair being damaged, it was just plain dehydrated!"

Daniella came in looking for a miracle. "I did my best to give her the ultimate Latina make over by taking her to a level seamless 7N/A," Ortega says. 


Products used:  
Redken Flash Lift
Wella Color Charm demi
Mix : 3 oz of Redken Flash Lift with 4oz of 30 volume developer, adding 1/8th of Olaplex step 1.
Mix together with a wisk, making sure it is well blended.
Step 1: Dry cut, taking off at least 4 inches of length, adding layers, and texturizing throughout to eliminate weight.
Step 2: Section the hair into 4 equal parts. Beginning from top left, taking 1/4 inch slices, tease the sliced hair from new growth to about two & half inches down. Apply lightener from the teased part, saturating down to ends in foil to creat seamless ombré effect. Continue the same effect onto the left side beginning from the top.
Step 3: Starting from the top of the back sections, take 1/4 inch slices and tease from the new growth to about two and half inches down. Apply lightener from the teased area to the ends, saturating in foil. Follow the slicing and teasing technique through this entire process.
Step 4: Mix Wella Color Charm demi 4N, 2oz with equal parts 10volume developer. Apply only from new growth and the teased hair that is left out of the foil.
Step 5: Allow lightener and demi to process for at least 10 minutes and then process under low heat for the last 5 minutes.
Step 6: Remove all the foils and completely rinse hair with NO SHAMPOO.
Step 7: Brush the teased hair completely out and dry hair until it's about 70% dry. Mix Wella Color Charm demi 2 oz of 6N with equal parts 10volume. Also mix wella color charm 2 oz of 7N and 2 oz of 7A, with equals parts 10 volume.

Step 8: Section hair into 4 equal sections. Take horizontal, 1/4 inch slicesn and apply 6N from the beginning of the new growth of the (blonde) ombré, down to two and half inches. Apply with this technique throughout all sections throughout working very quickly. Return and take horizontal sections and apply 6N ONLY on new growth of (blonde) ombré down two inches. "This will create your blend from the natural level 4 new growth to level 6 beginning of ombré!" Hair should remain sectioned off into 4 sections with the 6N application still processing,
Step 9: Apply mixture of 7N / 7A in 1/4 inch horizontal slices applying from the end of the 6N , down to ends of hair.
Step 10: Bring client to the shampoo bowl and massage hair with toner still intact making sure it it's heavily saturated. Process for about 7-8 minutes at the shampoo bowl. "This will also create your seamless ombré blend!"
Step 11: Rinse hair throughly and apply 3oz of Olaplex from new growth to ends, using a Wet Brush. Process for at least 10-15 minutes with a processing cap. No heat.
Step 12: Rinse, shampoo and condition.  Style using Kenra blow dry spray and Bed Head After Party.

"Daniella had a ton of hair, so this entire process took about 3-4 hours," Ortega says.

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