Sit, Walk, Stand: Fight Bad Posture with Massage
Milena Boniek for Getty Images

“Small tweaks can make all the difference,” says Sulyn Silbar, an orthopedic massage therapist and posture and fitness expert who works with clients experiencing chronic body pain and low energy caused by poor posture and faulty movement patterns. “Carrying heavy handbags over one shoulder, walking with your neck cradled down looking at your phone—people don’t realize what an effect these things can have. It’s all about connecting the body and the mind. Once you teach people how to be in control of their own bodies, they can be more naturally aware of how to correct their mechanics and bring their bodies into balance.” 


As a massage therapist and owner of Body + Mind NYC, Silbar believes in massage as a preventive measure. “Getting regular massages can help remove built-up tension in the body, return range of motion to your limbs and work through tightness in your muscles,” she says. “Massage is helpful for having a happy, working body.” 

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