Jake Tafoya  (@jakethegreat_88), owner of The Mod Labb, Dallas, Texas, wowed us with this transformation that we found on his Instagram feed after tagging #modernsalon. We had to know more. "This client requested something a bit more dimensional but did not want to completely get rid of the blonde," he says.

Here he shares HOW he made it happen:

 STEP 1 : Take diagonal back sections around the entire head and foil out the blonde. Apply condition for hold.

 STEP 2 : Take the remaining blonde left outside of the foil and apply Wella Illumina 5/7 with 10 volume developer. (Her natural base was untouched.)

 STEP 3  : Process for 35 minutes and then rinse.

STEP 4 : Tone with Wella Color Touch 7/71 + /68 & 1.9 emulsion for 5 minutes.

 STEP  5: Sty le using wella EIMI "Perfect Me" and "Root Shoot" for volume. Finish with EIMI "Glam Mist".


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